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B2b Lead Generation

b2b lead generation B2b Lead Generation is the process of generating sales prospects for businesses to business sales and services.  With over 10 years of experience of telemarketing experience, we can provide the highest level of professional services.

Here’s 3 ways we generate b2b leads…

  • Business lists- This is the raw business data. In the US, UK, Australia and Europe. Businesses can be filtered by SIC codes to specify an industry. You can also filter based on number of employees, annual income etc. These lists can be used for cold calling, direct mail, email and more. Any good lead generation campaign starts with a good list.
  • Digital Media- B2b leads are collected on the internet when a person fills out a contact form or a quest request for a business service. We use PPC, social media, email marketing and SEO to engage targeted audiences. After the information is collected, it can be delivered to your folder in our free lead management software.
  • Telemarketed leads- B2b telemarketing a targeted list can produce highly qualified leads or preset appointments. Using the personal touch, one of our highly trained b2b agents will actually call and set an appointment with a decision maker.

Business to business lead generation can be conducted for a wide variety of industries including but not limited to…

  • B2b appointment setting
  • SEO lead generation
  • Merchant cash advance
  • Group health insurance
  • IT leads

b2b sales and marketingB2b Telemarketing Scripts

Free Merchant Cash Advance Scripts Free Merchant Cash Advance Script

Free SEO telemarketing Script Free SEO telemarketing Script

Need a b2b telemarketing script for your upcoming campaign? Ask for it in the comments below and we will write and add it to the list above.

Generating B2b Leads via Telemarketing

One of the main advantages of B2B telemarketing is that the results are immediate. Sales opportunities are generated fresh on a daily basis. When outsourced properly, you can dramatically increase your revenues without incurring high front-end investment in marketing that could have a variable outcome. B2B telemarketing is an excellent method of creating genuine sales opportunities with little risk. Calling businesses to set appointments with decision makers is the best way to keep your sales agents busy with qualified prospects. Furthermore, while on the phone with the prospect, the telemarketer can ask qualifying questions to confirm criteria and pre-qualify them for a sale. When a B2B lead is generated, all of this information is available for your sales team to help them achieve commonality with the business prospect and close the deal.

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  • Michael Bian

    Telemarketing can be a particularly valuable tool for small businesses.

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