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Call Center Seat Leasing

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On the 12 of March, 2012 we placed a notice on our contact page announcing our waiting list as we are over capacity and can no longer accept new orders. That being said, we do have another amazing service to offer, Call Center Seat Leasing from our Philippines call center!

What’s Included

We provide the office space, workstations and dialer for a very affordable $200 per month, per workstation while you manage your own telemarketing agents. The average salary for a call center agent in the Philippines ranges from $250 to $500 per month.

“You can pay as little as $450/mo per agent!”

Real-Time Monitoring

  • We use an open-source dialer so you can monitor your agents’ calls in real-time
  • 16 live office cams setup so you can watch your agents while they work
  • Biometrics time tracking for tracking attendance and work hours
  • SpectorPro computer and internet monitoring software to track all their activity

Extra Options

We can provide human resources and recruiting services for an additional $100 per hire. Our HR department will recruit experienced call center agents and then setup phone appointments for you to interview them yourself. You only pay for the qualified applicants!

How Do I Manage Payroll?

Most seat leasing clients distribute payroll to their overseas workers via PayPal.

How do I Get Started?

  1. We require a minimum of two seats, plus a one month deposit totaling $800 to get started
  2. If you will be relying on us to provide the telemarketing agents, include another $100 per agent for HR and recruiting fees
  3. You can start interviewing your agents 48hrs or two business days after your first payment is made
  4. You can train your agents using our video conference room and have them make calls the same day


We are offering this service for a limited time only to help accommodate our overwhelming demand for telemarketed leads. We have 70 telemarketing seats available on a first come, first serve basis. Call now or submit a request today to get a virtual tour of our facility!

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