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Debt Settlement Leads

Debt Settlement Leads

We are an American owned and operated company specializing in Debt Settlement Leads, with facilities in the Romania, India and the Philippines. This is important because you can do business with American standards and you don’t have to send your money overseas.

Debt Settlement Leads

This is also important because you get to deal directly with the source with no lead brokers or middleman jacking the price up! Outsourcing debt lead generation just makes sense.

Guaranteed Lowest Price for a live transfer generated from a live agent!
We maintain a database of 20 million homeowners which is constantly updated with current information changes and represents an ideal pool of refinancing prospects. In addition to Do Not Call (DNC) filters for legal compliance, we also impose very strict criteria to filter the prospects further to make sure they qualify as debt relief leads.

Live Debt Settlement Leads

Outsourcing Debt Settlement Leads

During a telephone interview, we gather information on the prospect’s debt status and this is called a telemarketed debt lead if we forward the call directly to you then they become live transfer debt relief leads. Check out our free Telemarketing Debt Settlement Script we use to generate live transfer debt relief leads.

With increased interest inflation biting into the budgets of many Americans, refinancing and consolidating credit arrangements has become a pressing need for many prospects. The issue confronting debt professionals is to maximize the opportunities that are available and ensure that they are closing qualified exclusive debt leads that can actually proceed with their program. This is done best with telemarketing.


Live Transfer Debt Settlement Leads

With Live Transfer Debt leads, quality lead generation starts with the telemarketing list that is being used to create leads. Then we use live agents instead of cheap voice broadcasting to call the potential customer and pitch them your program. If interested we ask a series of qualifying questions to generate a full debt settlement application. The last step is to transfer the live call directly to your office where one of your salespersons can close the deal. Contact us today for more information regarding our Debt Settlement Leads.

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