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Loss Mitigation Leads

Why fool around with a start-up company, when The Lead Tree has been generating mortgage leads for years? Our high volume of mortgage lead generation puts us in a unique position to provide the best Loss Mitigation Leads that will outperform other forms of lead generation. The best part is scalability—we can easily control volume by adding and taking telemarketers from the process. With our offshore  call centers we are able to deliver top quality at a fraction of the price.

Exclusive Loss Mitigation Leads

Since our loss mit leads are generated in our call center through the telemarketing process you can be assured that each and every lead or live transfer is one hundred percent exclusive. In contrast, mortgage mitigation leads that are generated online are guaranteed to be shared with other companies and therefore will have other mitigation specialist contacting them to earn their business. With telemarketing you can be the first and only to offer your services.

Loan Modification Leads

We have a 20 million householder database that is continuously updated for accurate information and is continuously filled in as their information changes. The Lead Tree is very strict in removing prospects that do not fit the criteria of a good loss mitigation lead.

Free Loss Modification Leads

“No strings attached” Our company was built on long term relationships and instead of just taking your business we’d like to earn it! That being said, we are looking to strike up a new relationship with a mitigation law firm that has a demand for a high volume of fresh, qualified loss mitigation live transfers. We are offering a free trial to select companies requiring a dedicated team of telemarketers to produce live transfers daily from our call center floor. Please contact us today to see if your company qualifies.

Telemarketed Loan Modification Leads

We are very experienced at producing excellent loss mitigation lead results while maintaining a highly professional and structured approach. It takes 5 to 8 minutes to contact homeowners and collect the necessary information. For those who are interested in completing the interview, we will gather 25 pieces of information on their home financing situation and incorporate this in a loan modification application.

Loss Mitigation Leads Countrywide

We always ask if the homeowner wishes to discuss their mortgage financing with a loan specialist, and if they do, we will immediately pass the lead to you. You can be confident that the homeowner qualified against stringent criteria and that they do wish to speak with a loan specialist. We do not pass homeowners who do not wish to talk to you.

Very often, these leads are sold to a number of other brokers at the same time or are “recycled” very quickly. We do not practice this and give you only exclusive prospects that you may convince within 45 days from when you first received them. You have a clear field to close the business so contact us today to find out more about our loss mitigation leads.

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