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Telemarketing Lead Generation

Telemarketing lead generation is a highly effective and affordable way of gathering business prospects. Telemarketing is both customizable and highly scalable; making it an excellent marketing technique for most any genera or size business.

Telemarketing Lead Generation Process

The general process of generating telemarketed leads is simple to explain but requires serious effort to execute efficiently.  In this form of direct marketing potential clients are called and informed of a company’s goods or services and informed on what steps need to be taken to buy them.   Just like cooking dinner; the better ingredients that are used, the better the meal will taste.  Always remember, “garbage in, garbage out!”

The first and most important ingredient to a successful telemarketing campaign is a quality call list.  Just randomly calling numbers in the phone book will yield poor results. Unless the only demographic you are concerned with is location, your list will need to be refined to contain only names and numbers of people that are most  likely to be interested in your products.   Lists can be bought from data companies and have costs associated with them relative to quality and level of refinement.  Highly refined lists with multiple levels of criteria require more time and energy to generate. Lists can also be purchased from other businesses that feed off of your same demographic. The aim is not to buy from a competitor but rather a different company with different services that have a very similar customer base to your own.  Lists can also be developed in house. A great way to develop a call list is through a website that offers content that is of interest to your target demographic.  For example, if you sell lawnmowers, you might consider a site that offers free advice on lawn care and gardening.  The trick is to require users to register with a name and number before getting full access to the site.

The next most important piece of the pie is developing a quality telemarketing script.

“Garbage in, garbage out” still applies here; you do not want to waste a single name on your list due to a poor script.  A good script needs to do 3 important jobs:

  • inform: tell the prospect how the product can help them
  • qualify: ensure the prospect can purchase the product
  • connect: give the prospect an opportunity to purchase or speak with sales


Similar to call lists, telemarketing scripts can be purchased, developed in house, or provided by a call center if you choose to use one.

The final ingredient is the telemarketer. Many companies use their sales team to make calls and gather prospects.  While this can be both effective and affordable; in many cases sales teams despise the task and get quickly demoralized by rejection.  Lead generation companies are staffed with highly qualified and motivated telemarketers that enjoy what they do.  Telemarketers are trained in a number of dimensions including customer service, conflict resolution, sales and support.  In addition, they are trained specifically for each campaign. Most call centers pay their staff on a per performance basis; which effectively motivated telemarketers to prepare with diligence and dial with a smile.

Telemarketing Lead Generation Services

There are a number of companies that specialize in telemarketing lead generation.   The most common providers operate out of call centers.  Call centers have the infrastructure, technology, and experience required to get guaranteed results.  Call centers have access to the highest quality lists ensuring that only your target demographic is being called. In addition call centers have experience developing call scripts; there is no trial and error because they know what works and what does not.  As mentioned before, cal centers are staffed with highly skilled and motivated telemarketing representatives. Finally, telemarketing lead generation companies have the technology needed to seamlessly dial around the clock.

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