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Telemarketing Mortgage Leads

The Lead Tree, LLC generates telemarketing mortgage leads daily from our call center floor. Below we have listed the standard criteria…

  • LTV 85% and below
  • Interest rates 6.5% and above
  • Loan amounts $100k and above
  • No mobile or manufactured homes
  • No bankruptcies, 2yrs back
  • Additional filters can be added

The Telephone, invented over 100 years ago still ranks as the number one sales tool.  Fortune 500 companies are using call centers and telemarketing in every aspect of their business.

Telemarketing Mortgage Leads

Save Time: In business-to-consumer marketing, Telemarketing can be used in a loan modification program that can increase the total field selling time available.

Cost Efficiency: Mortgage Telemarketing can increase sales while lowering your monthly marketing costs.

Instant Response: Each telemarketing lead has been pre-qualified and an appointment is set with the homeowner.

Improved Cash Flow: The Mortgage telemarketing program has more immediate results other sales programs, and they begin to generate orders instantly. Such immediate results can allow cash flow to cover marketing costs.

Expanding Territory: Telemarketing for mortgage modification prospects can readily target new customers efficiently, making initial qualification more effectively than field sales.

Customer Relations: A customized telemarketing campaign can present a broader reach to serving customers.  We are actually calling on your company’s behalf.  This presents no miss-communications when a loan officer calls one of our leads.

Seasonality:  Telemarketed Mortgage leads allow the marketer to get around the restrictions of seasonal selling periods.  Without any delays in mailing times, telemarketing mortgage leads speeds up the receipt of the order.

Personality: Voice broadcasting was supposed to be the next best thing in hands-free marketing. The virtual voice of a broadcaster can reach a large audience for very little money. However, critical component is missing. Broadcasters can not hold a conversation. They can not respond or answer questions like. There are many sensitive components to good business that must be handled by a living breathing person.

Benefits of Telemarketing Mortgage Leads

Telemarketing mortgage leads with availability and commitment,  call center services provide with direct response and essential information it is no wonder that telemarketed mortgage leads close about 20% of the time while you will be lucky if you can even close 5 out of a hundred internet leads. It’s the telemarketing process that optimizes the closing process.

Telemarketing Leads far surpass any other form of mortgage mitigation marketing.   Radio, phone book and even internet leads don’t produce as qualified of a prospect.  With telemarketing we can weed out any customer that does not meet your standards and with other forms of advertising you never know who will respond, resulting in a waste of time and money.

Telemarketing Mortgage Leads vs Internet Leads

As an extension of your company, it is our job to educate our customers why they should use our call center’s telemarketing  leads and insurance agent leads services.

Let’s take a look at most sales cycles step by step:

1.   Awareness
2.   Inquiry
3.   Information
4.   Sales Desire
5.   Proposals
6.   Close sale-purchases
7.   Follow up
8.   Service

Each step in this process requires time and money.  How can a business spend that time more efficiently to get the final sale?  Most already agree the telephone generates quality modification leads.

Our telemarketing Loan modification leads will cut the sales cycle in half.

The new sales cycle with an effective telemarketing campaign

1.   Proposal
2.   Close sale-purchase
3.   Follow up
4.   Service

With a single invention called the telephone, we have just turned this company’s marketing plan into a fast and efficient, cost saving machine. Contact us today to get a quote on telemarketing mortgage leads.

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