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The Telemarketing Lead Generation Process:

The telemarketing lead generation process is an extremely effective marketing tool.  The process is simple enough to perform in-house and can easily be contracted out to a call center that specializes in direct marketing.

Telemarketing Lead Generation Call Lists:

The telemarketing lead generation process starts out with a call list. Telemarketing call lists contain the names and numbers of people or business that will be called by the telemarketer.  It is important to remember that “not all lists are created equally.”  A poor list will amount to nothing more than a list of random names and numbers.  These lists are cheap but only helpful if your product is something everyone with a telephone number needs. This is rarely the case. Most businesses have telemarketing lead generation processproducts that can only be used by a specific demographic. For example, a mortgage shop that specializes in refinancing is only going to be interested in prospects that currently own a home and have a mortgage.  Calling people who rent would be a waste of time and resources.  It is for this reason that custom call lists are available. While these lists are more expensive, they will ensure that all calls are made to prospects that meet your specific criteria.

Telemarketing Lead Generation Call Scripts:

telemarketing lead genaration scriptThe next step in the telemarketing lead generation process is developing a call script. A quality telemarketing call script should qualify the lead, inform them of your product and companies good reputation, and let them know what steps they need to take to purchase your product.  Even the most refined call lists can not predict everything. This is why qualifying questions must be added to the call script. Before spending too much time on the phone it is important to be sure that the prospect is in a position to purchase your product. Once they are qualified they must be informed of why they need your product, why your company is the best place to get it, and what they need to do to get it.

There are a few options at this point. If the telemarketer is qualified they can sell the product directly or they can set an appointment for the prospect to talk to a sales associate.  The latter is the standard call center model.  This allows a company to outsource the arduous and boring task of gathering leads to a firm that specializes in the telemarketing lead generation process and at the same time allow its highly skilled sales team deal with leads that have been screened, informed of the product, and interested in moving forward with a purchase.

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