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Why Buy Call Center Leads?

Call center leads are an effective and affordable way to supercharge your marketing efforts. In many cases, a companies telemarketing campaign becomes their primary source for generating quality prospects. Call centers can make a number of promises about call center leads that simply are not possible with broadcast and print marketing.

Why Buy Call Center Leads?

By definition, broadcast advertising is “broadcasted” to anyone and everyone who is listening or looking at the time of the advertisement. In fact, most of the audience may not be in need or have any use for the product or service being advertised. Granted, certain times and channels are more likely to hit a particular demographic; but, this attempt to narrow focus pails in comparison to the degree of refinement that can be offered by a reliable call center. A quality call center staffed with well trained telemarketers can can guarantee that your leads are qualified and interested in talking to you about your products or services.

Generating Call Center Leads:

Good data management is the foundation for a successful telemarketing campaign aimed at gathering sales leads. The data trail all starts with a high-quality, well-refined call list. Call centers can generate call lists in house, but many opt to purchase them from one of the more established data firms. A well refined list will guarantee that the dialers are loaded with numbers belonging to individuals or companies that are qualified and potentially in need of your goods or services. The next step, is in the hands or the telemarketers.

An effective telemarketer should be able to qualify the prospect, plug your company and products, and offer the the potential customer information on how to move forward before finishing the call. All of this information needs to be added into the data trail and ready to move into the next level of the sales cycle.

Once the call center generates a lead it can be delivered in a variety of ways. The most traditional practice is to have the leads delivered through daily or weekly lists. The sales manager receives the list and distributes the leads to the sales team as seen fit. Today, most call centers will enter the leads into a customer relations management system (CRM) which may be your own or hosted by them. The CRM administrator(s) has the ability to have the leads distributed automatically or manually to the sales team. A good CRM will do more than just hand out leads; a well designed CRM will allow you to track the leads all the way through the sales cycle. Tracking a lead from the time it is generated to the moment it results in a sale gives management a necessary overview of what is working and what is not in real time.

Other leads are “hot transferred” strait into your office. Live transfer leads are the highest quality lead available. The beauty of the live transfer is that they have already been qualified and briefed on your services by the telemarketer. Next, telemarketer has the option of connecting the prospect directly to a member of your sales team or setting up an appointment for one of your people to call them at a time of their convenience. The prospect is ready to buy, all you have to do is close the deal!

Types of Call Center Leads:

Call centers are extremely flexible and generally easily scaled up or down to meet specific and often varying needs. Because of this characteristic, call centers can can develop leads for almost any industry and satisfy both small and large orders. Popular lead products include:

  • insurance leads
  • mortgage leads
  • debt settlement leads
  • charitable donations
  • SEO Leads
  • loss mitigation leads
  • cash advance leads

This list is a very limited sample of the most popular telemarketed lead products provided by call centers. Because all campaigns are custom tailored to each client, the limits are virtually endless. No matter what your product line call center leads can give your marketing efforts an extra lift.

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