Appointment Setting Outsourcing

Since a lot of businesses are dependent on sales, many companies are now going into appointment setting outsourcing. It is considered to be an efficient way to get leads that fit the criteria of what the business is looking for. Outsourcing has been used for years now and it has provided good support for the businesses. This is why it goes as no surprise that appointment setting is now, also being outsourced. Let us try looking into why it is beneficial for businesses and companies.


We do know that appointment setting has been part of the gain of new business for each day for a company. This is where prospects are identified and have an appointment set for marketing and sales agents to meet up with them personally. Now, if you are a company who is targeting success, it would be helpful to have a lot of appointments. Having the CEO of the company or a designated caller will not yield a good number of results. This is where appointment setting outsourcing plays cupid between the company and prospect customers.

This is where the first benefit of appointment setting outsourcing comes in. Having a third party outbound call center which will do the task of setting the appointment for the business will yield more results. The number of the call center agents alone will be an advantage for the company. Imagine a single call center representative dedicated to do the appointment setting for the business. A representative can call an average of 500-800 numbers within an 8-hour work shift. Studies show that out of 100 numbers called, only a maximum of 15 potential customers will agree to have an appointment with a sales agent. 15 multiplied by 8 will result to 120 appointments for the company’s sales agents. Plus the company will have to multiply 120 with the number of designated number of call center representatives dedicated to the company’s venture. The result will be enough to keep the company’s business going.


Another benefit that appointment setting outsourcing presents is the reduced labor costs. Companies will have to agree that hiring and training staff for the appointment setting function is more expensive. Plus the fact that hiring the staff for this specific function may or may not turn out into what is expected. Instead of using financial resources to do this, might as well use the money on the most important facet of the business operations, which is generating income. Third party outbound call centers already have screened and trained their professional appointment setting representatives. Plus the fact that many third party appointment setting companies are offering competitive prices for their services.

It will also benefit the company’s payroll. We all know that when a sales representative does not have a potential customer to meet up with, there is no income. This becomes a major loss for the company because there is no financial inflow but there is monetary outflow. Every appointment is an opportunity waiting to be grabbed. The current market is considered to be a goldmine and all a company needs to do is do the digging.


The outsourced appointment setting service is perfect for starting and growing projects. This is because the success of a business must have a balance between human and monetary resources. Outsourcing appointment setting allows the company to focus on closing the sale through the personal meeting with the potential customer. We should know that in any business, resources are limited and that a third party outbound call center performing the appointment setting makes it possible for the company to focus on closing sales and other important things. Appointment setting outsourcing does not only play the cupid part between a company and customer, it also allows the business to have the Midas golden touch and turn every appointment into gold.

Published by Zack Williamson

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