Philippines Appointment Setting Services: connect to leads that are ready to buy

philippines appointment setting services

Philippines appointment setting services will guarantee that your sales team will speak with leads that are qualified and interested in purchasing your product or services.  Your sales agents will not have to waste valuable time and resources tracking down and calling scores of dead end leads. The model is simple: well trained telemarketers contact potential clients, ask them a series of qualifying questions, inform them of your company’s products and great reputation, and set an appointment for them to speak with a member of your sales team. Philippines appointment setters are well qualified and speak excellent English.

Philippines appointment setting services have highly skilled and qualified agents make sales calls on your behalf.

Most call centers require their employees to have a college degree and be fully fluent in English. Since most Filipinos learn English at a very early age there accent is almost indistinguishable from many common American accents. These reasons make Filipinos excellent candidates for telemarketers. In fact, the Philippine government saw these years ago and began offering vocational training specifically geared to train a workforce in call center management, telemarketing and customer service. The plan was so effective that this small group of islands now rivals India in the call center sector.

Philippines Appointment Setting Services: the process

Philippines appointment setting services select their best agents to train for lead generation and appointment setting campaigns.  Only after the telemarketers are fully trained on the campaigns specifics may they begin to dial. Once the telemarketer develops a rapport with the telemarketed lead they have three main objectives:

  1. qualify the prospect
  2. pitch the product and company
  3. connect prospect with sales team

The telemarketers are given a script developed to aid them in accomplishing these goals. The script includes a set of qualifying questions designed to gather information about the prospect and ensure they meet your specific criteria. Only qualified prospects are brought to the marketing stage of the conversation.

appointment setting philippines

At this point the telemarketer moves into sales mode.  The prospect is informed of the product your company is selling, how the product can help them, and why they should buy it from your company.  This is also a time for the prospect to ask questions and address concerns.  The telemarketers will be trained to answer certain questions and refer other questions on to the appropriate channel with in your company.

Finally, the agent sets an appointment. Qualified buyers that are interested in purchasing your product will be given an opportunity to speak with one of your sales agents at a time convenient to them.

Doing it all in house is not always the best way to allocate your marketing budget.  It does not make sense wasting valuable time and resources making cold calls to often dead end leads. Philippines appointment setting services are an effective and economical way of generating leads and allowing your sales team to focus on closing deals with qualified sales leads.

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