Terms and Conditions for Purchasing Leads

Terms and Conditions for Purchasing Leads Replacement Policy You will receive bogus leads as a natural part of the process however, you have 3 business days from the time the lead was delivered to request replacement for the following 3 reasons… 1. Contact- Lead is not contactable, either wrong contact information or they just won’t pick […]

Getting Down to Business with B2B Live Transfer Leads

Getting Down to Business with B2B Live Transfer Leads Introduction to B2B Live Transfer Leads With out question, B2B live transfer leads are conditio sine qua non. Live transfer business to business leads provide your firm with the marketing assets needed to excel in the competitive and unforgiving marketplace.  Any one who has worked b2b sales knows […]

B2B Telemarketing Tips: 3 ways to maximize your telemarketing efforts

B2B Telemarketing Tips: 3 ways to maximize your telemarketing efforts b2b telemarketing tips The best way to get the most out of your direct marketing efforts is to follow these trusted b2b telemarketing tips.  The three major components to a successful telemarketing campaign are the call list, the telemarketing script, and the telemarketer.  With out […]

Internet Lead Generation: websites that gather prospects

Internet Lead Generation: websites that gather prospects internet lead generation Internet lead generation can be cheap simple effective and fun. The main goal in internet lead generation is to create a website that gathers contact information from potential customers.  The first concern is getting relevant traffic to your website. Once you have visitors, the next concern is to […]

Advantages Of Telemarketing

Advantages Of Telemarketing Appointment Setting Fee earners are the lifeblood of any business; with the advantages of telemarketing they bring the revenue into the operation. Generating sales and fees is something only a select few can achieve at high levels over time. appointment setting services. B2B Telemarketing The B2B telemarketing advantage is the most challenging […]

Back To Back Telemarketing

Back To Back Telemarketing B2B telemarketing is the most challenging of all telemarketing activities. It requires skilled b2b telemarketers who are able to pierce the corporate barriers to establishing contact with the person within a company that has the authority and decision making capacity to purchase your products or services and this requires a great […]

Insurance Telemarketing

Insurance Telemarketing Generating leads via telemarketing is a wise option. Using a live agent to pre-qualify the prospects and set appointments will generate some of the highest quality insurance leads in the industry. TheLeadTree.com has over ten years of experience in telemarketed insurance leads and has managed global locations in India and the Philippines as […]

Insurance Appointment Setting

What to Look for in Insurance Appointment Setting Companies? Experience- Find a firm that specializes appointment based, insurance lead generation because the best appointments are verified through telemarketing.  Not just any insurance call center will work so make sure you choose a company with proven experience in appointment setting services. Integrity-  Find a company at the Lead […]