Below is the free telemarketing script, we use to generate exclusive telemarketed auto insurance leads. Just copy and paste this auto insurance script into a Word or PDF document. Before you start calling always make sure you scrub your telemarketing list against the DNC. If you find this helpful don’t forget to bookmark this page!

Sample Auto Insurance Telemarketing Script

“Hello (First Name)                       this is                        calling with                         insurance. Right away I want to let you know I am not selling anything or asking for donations. I am calling to offer a free no obligation comparison quote on your auto insurance. But first, has anyone in your household had any tickets or accidents in the past 3 years?” 

If yes: “What was the ticket for? And who got the ticket?”

If accident: Were you at fault? How long ago?

(Company) If no: (Go to qualifying questions) 


“What are the ages of the drivers in the household?”

“Who are you currently insured with?”

“How long have you been with                        (Insurance Company)?”

“Do you know how much you pay? Is that monthly or semi-annually?

“How many vehicles do you have?”

“What is the year and make for the vehicle that you drive?”

“What are the model details?” (Loaded, Basic, 4-wheel Drive)

“How many miles is it driven to work or school each day one way?”

“Do you have full coverage or liability?”

“What is your e-mail address…in case we can not reach you by phone?”

“What is alternate phone number where you can be reached?”

“What is the best time to reach you?”

Finally…how would you rate your credit…poor, fair, good, or excellent.


“That’s all we need right now,                      . (Insurance Company) will be giving your a call back within 2 to 3 business days to go over the quote they have prepared and may possibly need to ask you a couple more questions about the information you’ve given me. If you could have your current policy declaration page available when they call, it will ensure that you receive the most accurate information. Does that sound okay?”

(Must say “yes” to be counted as a qualified Auto Insurance Lead)

“Thank you very much for your time and have a great evening.”

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