B2B Telemarketing Tips: 3 ways to maximize your telemarketing efforts

b2b telemarketing tips

b2b telemarketing tips

The best way to get the most out of your direct marketing efforts is to follow these trusted b2b telemarketing tips.  The three major components to a successful telemarketing campaign are the call list, the telemarketing script, and the telemarketer.  With out each of these components optimized, the entire sales cycle can be slowed, interrupted, or totally halted.

B2B Telemarketing Tips: the list

One of the most important components of a successful b2b telemarketing campaign is a quality call list.  You can not simply go thumbing through the yellow pages and expect a descent rate of conversion. The call list is the foundation on which the entire campaign will be built; and as in the construction of a house, the entire structure will come down with out a proper foundation. Efficiency is critical and wasting dialing time on calls that are not interested in your product or qualified to purchase it  can cripple the momentum of an otherwise well designed campaign. A quality telemarketing call list should be not only be refined to your target demographic; but criteria should be set to further filter out qualifying sub parameters such as annual earnings, projected budgets and other corporate statistics.

b2b telemarketing call list

b2b telemarketing call list

There are a number of data companies that specialize in developing call lists for marketers.  These multinationals have the experience, infrastructure, technology and vast databases required to deliver well refined call lists.  A high quality call list will increase your chances of connecting with companies in need of your product and in the position to purchase it.  B2b telemarketing tips related to the call script will be explained next.

B2B Telemarketing Tips: the script

The telemarketing script is another very important component of a productive b2b telemarketing campaign.  A well designed telemarketing script must not only pitch your product and promote your company; but it also needs to arm the telemarketer with a set of qualifying questions.  You are paying them to dial so you might as well get the biggest bang for your buck!  It is more efficient to have your telemarketer do some of their own filtering before moving the lead into the next stage of the sales cycle.  Once the prospect is informed of your companies good reputation, how its products can help them, and qualified, they need to be informed on what steps need to be taken to purchase.

If the telemarketer can not fully close the deal they will need to engage in some form of appointment setting. Just providing a referral number of web address rarely results in a sale or any further contact.  This approach results in a lot of dialing time with very little conversion.  Setting an appointment instills a degree of commitment in the prospect and is more likely to result in a follow up call and hopefully a sale. The next b2b telemarketing tip is related to the telemarketer.

B2B Telemarketing Tips: the telemarketer

b2b telemarketing agent

b2b telemarketing agent

The final component to a successful 2b telemarketing campaign is the telemarketer.  Many firms choose to do their telemarketing in house. This is usually done by assigning members of the sales team to “cold call duty.”While this is a great way of exposing your salesmen to myriad sales scenarios and provides an abundance of sales practice; it can also result in serious inefficiency. It is simply not good practice to put your weakest members of the sales team up front to make a first impression for your company.  The flip-side is to use more experienced salesmen; but this generally results in tying your closers up with qualifying and pitching.   Following these b2b telemarketing tips will greatly improve the quality of your campaign.

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