How to Buy B2B Leads that Convert

How to Buy B2B Leads

Knowing how to buy b2b leads that convert is a skill needed to ensure your money is being well spent. Quality leads that result in sales are generally more expensive than the rest; but, that does not necessarily mean that spending more will get you’re the best leads. The problem is that a good salesman will promise you the moon to close a deal, but may not deliver a thing once a payment is received. Knowing what to look for in a lead is critical in buying quality.  Before making a purchase you should know a few things about the provider generates their leads and whether or not they are being resold.

How to Buy B2B Leads that Convert: what are the best leads?

telemarketed b2b leads that convert

The highest quality b2b leads are gathered through telemarketing.  Telemarketed b2b leads are gathered at call centers that have the latest technology and highly trained personnel required to gather b2b leads that convert into sales. Skilled telemarketing agents are given highly refined call lists and call scripts that are designed to reach and communicate your message to companies that can use your product and are qualified to purchase it. Before purchasing a lead campaign you should ask the provider how they develop their call lists, where their call center is located, how the telemarketers are trained, and how the call script is designed. 

How to Buy B2B Leads that Convert: what should you know?

B2B Leads that Convert

A good b2b lead provider should be able to guarantee you that their call list will be refined to meet your specific criteria and that you have control over the design of the call script. Further they should be able to provide you information on how the telemarketers are trained and to what level they are required to perform. The location of the call center is also very important. US based call centers are very expensive but they will generally have agents that speak great English.  Other popular and much cheaper alternatives include call centers based in India and the Philippines. Both countries provide highly educated and well trained agents but their English is not always the best. In general, Filipino telemarketers have a bit of an accent but they are very easily understood. In fact, most agents from both countries speak with better diction than many American citizens.

Finally, be sure that the b2b leads that you purchase are “exclusive” and have not been and will not be resold. Being the second, third, or fourth person to speak to a lead is never a good position to be in. Further, the lead should be your property after you purchase it. This will allow you to do a follow up at your leisure with out fear of the prospect getting hounded by your competition in the interim.

Asking these questions before purchasing a lead product will make sure that you know how to buy b2b leads that convert!

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