Terms and Conditions for Purchasing Leads

Replacement Policy

You will receive bogus leads as a natural part of the process however, you have 3 business days from the time the lead was delivered to request replacement for the following 3 reasons…

1. Contact- Lead is not contactable, either wrong contact information or they just won’t pick up the phone.
2. Criteria- Lead does not meet criteria stipulated in your contract. Examples are income, age, loan amount, zip codes, etc.
3. Exclusivity- Lead is not exclusive. Unless otherwise stipulated in your contract we sell our telemarketed leads as exclusive, meaning we will not resell them to any other company. If other salespersons are contacting your lead we will replace it.

*In the case of a dispute (he said, she said) TheLeadTree will provide the actual voice recording of the lead being generated.

Selecting Criteria

The price of the leads are directly related to the qualifying criteria. You choose the criteria of your campaign and stipulate the requirements in your contract. The criteria cannot be changed once the payment is received and the campaign has started.

Selecting the Script

The telemarketing script must be agreed upon and approved prior to starting the campaign. Any changes to the telemarketing script once the campaign has started can be denied or subject to an increase of lead cost.

Ramp Up Time

We start generating leads for your campaign no sooner than 3 business days of receiving your payment, not 3 days from when you sent it. Please allow additional time for checks to be sent in the mail or up to 48hrs for credit cards to be processed.

Lead Volume

You will experience days with no leads. While we are usually able to reach our daily targets, telemarketing can be unpredictable therefore, we cannot guarantee a daily volume.

If you require more leads per day then you may need to purchase a larger package so we can dedicated more telemarketers to your campaign. Here are our average daily volumes…

  • 25 lead order = 1 to 2 leads per day
  • 50 lead order = 2 to 3 leads per day
  • 100 lead order = 5 to 6 leads per day
  • 200 lead order = 10 to 12 leads per day

Refund Policy

Due to the costs of the telemarketing list, telecommunication charges and labor costs of our call center agents, we are unable to issue full refunds. In the extreme case that a campaign must be discontinued, we may deduct these charges and return the balance in the form of a partial refund.

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