Cash Advance Live Transfers

Cash Advance Live Transfers

If you are looking for hot live transfer leads, they don’t get any hotter than cash advance live transfers.  It’s a simple process of qualifying a cash advance lead over the phone using a live telemarketing agent and then transferring the call directly to you or someone in your sales department.

Cash Advance Live Transfers

Here’s how the system works.  We start with the database of b2b telemarketing list.  This list includes company name, address, phone number and sometimes an email but the important information that is provided in the list are the annual income of the business, number of employees, the date that business was opened as well as the names and numbers of the important decision makers of the company.  Good leads start with good data!

While putting the cash advance live transfers list together we have the ability to filter out most undesired records based on qualifying criteria set by you.   For example lets say you only want to target tire shops that take in over $20,000 per month, employ less than 25 people and have been in business for more than 5 years, this and more can be filtered out before the calling even starts.  Other common filters include geographic locations, zip codes, specific job titles and SIC codes.  SIC codes are issued by OSHA to categorize a company into its prospective industry.  You can find these codes and more information on this filing system at  Once the telemarketing list is compiled the next step is to develop a customized cash advance telemarketing script.

liLive Transfer Cash Advance Leads Script

Here at The Lead Tree we understand that no two companies are the same.  That is why we offer the opportunity to fully customize your telemarketing script.  We already have a general cash advance telemarketing script that we use to qualify live transfers but if you choose to pay per hour for our telemarketing services instead of paying per lead then you are free to fully customize the telemarketing script that your agents will use.

Telemarketing Live Transfer Cash Advance Leads

We use only live agents that are fully trained to perform business to business telemarketing (aka b2b telemarketing).  Our agents are highly skilled in phone sales techniques, such as getting past the gatekeeper and delivering motivating sales pitches.  If the customer is interested in receiving a cash advance against their merchant account then we will ask a series of qualifying questions to make sure they can be accepted into the program.  If they meet your standards we then transfer that call in real-time and upload the data to your account on our secure website.  Contact us today to speak to a specialist in our live transfer cash advance leads program.

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