The Advantages of Debt Settlement Live Transfers

An Introduction to Debt Settlement Live Transfers

Debt Settlement Live Transfers

Debt Settlement Live Transfers

Debt settlement live transfers are quickly becoming the most popular marketing  product in the finance  industry.  Using your marketing dollars most effectively requires due diligence in the form of proper planning and focusing on the target.  Most importantly, you need to target the customers who want to hear about your financial services and are qualified to purchase it.

Facts about Debt in America:  the need for debt settlement live transfers

-The average person is at least $8,000 in debt.

-Over 1,000,000 individuals filed for bankruptcy in 2010.

-1/2 of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for retirement.

-25% of Americans are trying to pay off a “maxed” out line of credit.

-Most of them do not know what to do, or how to even begin fixing their financial problems!

People are in debt for a variety of reasons and debt settlement live transfers can be created to target each of these financial needs.  In fact, a process can be created to target any one of a number of debt relief products. 

Types of Debt: debt settlement live transfers for all scenarios

-Credit Card Debt

-Multiple Credit Card Burdens

-Medical Bills

-Auto Repossessions

-Retirement Solutions


-Even the IRS

Debt settlement live transfer leads allow you to focus your marketing efforts to  customers in need of the services you offer.

Generating Debt Settlement Live Transfers

debt settlement live transfers

debt settlement live transfers

The two most important ingredients needed to generate quality debt settlement leads are quality call lists and a reputable call center with well trained telemarketers.

Quality lists can be provided by myriad lead and data companies.  Through advanced data-mining techniques, call list providers compile vast lists of debtors who are currently in need of help based on your specifically defined filters.  A quality list will provide the call center with an excellent foundation. Call enters are not cheap to run and we want to be sure they are being used to their highest potential by providing them with prospects that are likely to be interested in a debt settlement product and qualified to receive it.

Next, a call-center will use this refined call list to start making cold calls. Once a skilled telemarketer talks with an interested prospect they will ask them a series of questions to pre-qualify them for your debt settlement program. You have total control over the script and can tailor the campaign to qualify only the leads you are interested in doing business with. A telemarketing agent can spend anywhere from 5-30 minutes on the phone with the debt settlement lead before they transfer the call directly to your office or set an appointment at a time convenient to the debt settlement leads schedule.

Why Debt Settlement Live Transfers are the Best.

debt settlement live transfers

debt settlement live transfers

Its fairly simple; you will spend less time talking to leads that are not qualified or interested in your product.  You will not receive any debt settlement live transfers that are not pre-quallified and interested in talking to you about your debt settlement product.  The most important thing to remember is that quality lists and skilled telemarketers are the key to generating high conversion debt settlement live transfers.

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