Debt Settlement Leads

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The Lead Tree Guarantee

Our approach is cost-effective, and we offer the lowest prices for leads generated by our live agents. We maintain a database of 20 million homeowners that is constantly updated with information, providing a pool of qualified refinancing prospects. Our leads also meet legal requirements and comply with the Do Not Call (DNC) filters. We use strict criteria to filter out prospects, ensuring that they qualify as debt relief leads before being sent to you.

Outsourcing Debt Settlement Leads

As interest rates continue to rise and impact the budgets of many Americans, the need for debt relief solutions such as refinancing and consolidating credit is becoming increasingly pressing for many prospects. For debt professionals, it’s crucial to identify and capitalize on the available opportunities while ensuring that they are closing deals with qualified and exclusive debt settlement leads who are ready to proceed with their program.

Looking For High-Quality Live Transfer Debt Settlement Leads?

At The Lead Tree, we understand the importance of using the right telemarketing list for lead generation. Our team of live agents make personalized calls to potential customers, pitching your debt relief program. If the prospect expresses interest, we use a series of qualifying questions to generate a full debt settlement application. The final step is to transfer the call directly to your office, where your sales team can close the deal. Contact us today to learn more about our live transfer program and how our debt settlement leads can help grow your business.