Telemarketing lists are collections of names, telephone numbers, and other personal or consumer data used by marketers to make large scale outbound marketing calls.   The quality of the telemarketing lists set the stage for the entire telemarketing campaign.  The list consists of the raw ingredients used to generate quality sales leads and satisfied customers. 

Obtaining Telemarketing Lists

Telemarketing lists can be made in house or purchased from a variety of sources.  The local phone book is probably the most rudimentary and most used form of a call list.  The next step might be to start developing lists from public records. Web sites can also be used to capture the information needed to develop a call list.  Another option is to solicit other companies to sell you their client data.

If time and resources are not available to create your own call lists there are a number of companies that will be happy to serve you.  Most contract call centers can provide you with call lists to fit your needs.  Another option is to go directly to one of the large data companies who can use their vast resources to generate lists to meet any criteria.

Types of Telemarketing Lists

Telemarketing  lists come in four major categories.  Business-to-business and business-to-consumer lists are employed by companies to generate sales leads. Charity solicitation and political campaign lists are employed by non profits and political organizations to get their message out and ask for contributions.   

Refining Telemarketing Lists

telemarketing lists

The names and telephone numbers on a telemarketing call list are not random. In fact they are refined to contain names and numbers that fit certain demographic criteria.  Lists can be generated to only contain names and numbers from a particular location, income bracket, age, marital status, and so on.  The possabilities are truly endless.  Even a request as obscure as a list of ex-military, female, homeowners with swimming pools can be created for the right price. 

Scrubbing Telemarketing Lists

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Even well developed call lists need to be refined by a process called scrubbing.  While the names and numbers on a raw list may meet your criteria, there are still a few reasons to remove some of the numbers.  The process of scrubbing puts your list against another list or set of lists that have names and numbers that should not be called and removes any matches from call list. The most important numbers to remove are those belonging to people who have registered with the National Do Not Call List.  Calling these numbers is a violation of federal trade law and could result in a fine.  Multiple numbers belonging to the same individual and people already called also need to be scrubbed from the telemarketing lists.

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