Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Get quick answers to our most frequently asked questions!

We are an American-owned and operated lead generating company that’s been running since 2003. We started in the leads space, specifically in the mortgage and solar energy sectors. As we’ve grown, we’ve also expanded our services. We are the mother company of remote staffing sites such as Clark StaffArchitect Outsourcing, Outsourced Medical, Outsource Your Accounting, and more remote staffing-based companies. 

We find out leads based on your needs, as such we price accordingly. In order to get a quote, please contact us so we can better understand what you’re looking for.

The Lead Tree offers leads for various industries, check out our services page to see more. If you’re looking for remote staff or outsourcing services, we offer those on our subsidiary sites.

We have dedicated appointment setters and lead generation specialists ready to search for leads based on your requirements. In order for us to kick off the search, we need you to give us a full list of requirements. When you reach out and contact us, make sure to give us as many details as you can to make our search more accurate.

The Lead Tree provides high-quality leads that have a higher rate of conversion. These leads will allow your sales team to close out more deals as the leads are all qualified and based on your criteria, are a good fit for your company’s product or service.