Health Insurance Leads

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Need Qualified Health Insurance Leads To Boost Your Sales?

A majority of the health insurance leads sold online have already been sold and are just being resold, wasting the times of the sales teams they’re given to. Instead of using internet leads, we source our leads through cold calling, saving your team all the trouble. We’ve found that this is the only sure fire way to guarantee that each and every lead will be exclusive and interested in your offerings.

The Problem With Health
Insurance Leads

Most health insurance leads are generated online when a potential customer fills out a quote request. An issue arises when that same person fills out these forms on several different websites. From there, that single lead is sold by all of those companies, meaning by the time you call a lead, they would have been called several times by your competitors.


Each health insurance lead will meet specific requirements


We will not resell the lead for 45 days


Every lead will be interested in a quote