Below is the telemarketing script used to generate telemarketed health insurance leads. Just copy and paste this health insurance telemarketing script into a Word or PDF document. (Warning: if you are calling residential, always make sure you scrub your telemarketing list against the DNC.)

Sample Health Insurance Telemarketing Script

(Use A Proper Introduction, Say Your Name And Your Company Name Immediately)

I am with ABC insurance company and we are a local medical insurance brokerage here in your city and we specialize in saving self employed, small business owners a lot of money and improve your medical coverage and you get to keep all your current doctors!

(At This Point, The Customer may start to give out objections and this is why rebuttals come very handy. When you deliver your rebuttals, You have to sound very confident)


This will only take a few minutes and could save you hundred even thousands of dollars.

We Are Not Selling You Anything We Just Want To Offer You Free Quotes To See If We Can Save Money Or Offer You A Better Plan.

(Next order of business is to start gathering the information that you need in order to qualify them, now, keep in mind that these is important information so you can expect the customer to bit hesitant to give them out to you. One good advice is to sound casual and to let them know that you need those information in order for you to provide them the best quote or solution that you can offer.)

Mandatory Questions:

1. Do U Purchase Your Own Individual/Damily Coverage Or Do You Have A Group Plan?

2. What Company Are You Currently With For Your Medical Insurance?

3. Let Me Get Some Basic Information So I Can Prepare You Free Quotes. So You Can See How Much We Can Save You For Free!!!

4. What Is Your Home Zip Code?

5. What Is Your Age?

6. Do You Use Tobacco?

7. Is There Anyone Else To Be Covered With You On The Quote? (Wife, Kids Or Coworkers)?

6. Do You Use Tobacco?

7. If So Get Their Ages As Well.

8. (Go For The Close) When Is A Good Time To Have One Of Our Insurance Agents Call You Back With The Free Quotes?

9. What Is The Best Number To Call?

10. What Is The Best Email To Send The Quotes To? ( Always Repeat It Out Loud To Verify!)

If No Email Then Ask For A Fax

(Before you end the call, make the appointment solid by reminding them again of the appointment date and time. If you can, Ask them to write it down, this would really help on making sure that they don’t forget it.)

I just need to ask you some questions to make sure you qualify for the program and then I can either transfer you to one of our specialist or set and appointment to have him call you back at time of your convince.

Mandatory Questions

May I Know Your Age?

Approximate Annual Income?

Have You Ever Been Seriously Ill, Such As Cancer, Heart Attack Or Stroke?

Are You Currently Taking Any Prescription Medicines?

Do You Already Have A Life Insurance Policy? (If Yes, With Whom?)

Live Transfer – Okay, that’s all for now please hold while I connect you with our loan specialist.

Next Day Appointment – Okay, that’s all for now. So when is good time to have our loan specialist call you tomorrow?

(When setting an appointment make sure to remind them of the date and time to finish the call strong.) Thank You, Have a great day and please don’t forget our appointment tomorrow at 10:30am.)

Ok have a great day and remember our call back tomorrow from one of our agents at Abc Insurance Company at                      . Thank You!

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