The Simple Truth About Insurance Live Transfer Leads

insurance live transfer leads

About insurance live transfer leads:

Essentially, insurance live transfer leads are the most effective leads available on the market.  The advantage of getting  live transfer insurance leads is that the lead is guaranteed to be qualified, interested in your insurance product, and ready to speak to you about their options.  The only real disadvantage of  live transfer insurance  leads is that they generally cost more than standard leads. This is because they require a lot of resources to generate than leads generated with less vigor.

Generating insurance live transfer leads:

In general, the process of generating insurance live transfer leads is fairly simple but the procedure requires a lot of resources.  The first step is securing a quality call list. These lists can be purchased from data companies that that use their vast technical infrastructure to compile lists that are refined to fit your target demographic.  This is the first filter. A quality call list will only have contacts that meet your specific criteria.  For example, you would want a list of homeowners if you are selling home insurance. Calls made to folks who rent are a waste of your marketing resources. In short, the better the list the more quality live transfer  leads will be generated.

insurance live transfer leads

insurance live transfer leads

Next, a call-center uses the list to make cold calls in an effort to gather prospects that are interested in your insurance product. The call center takes on the task that most insurance sales professionals will agree is the worst part of their job. A quality call-center with well trained telemarketers are far more efficient and much more excited about making cold calls than most insurance sales teams. The telemarketer’s script can be tailored to qualify the prospect, pitch your company, and set up an appointment for them to speak with you or one of your agents.

Finally, the call is transferred directly to your office. Because the telemarketing agent has prescreened the prospect and ensured that they are ready to talk to your firm about a particular insurance product or bundle, your close should be a cinch.  With insurance live transfer leads, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the phone to ring with your insurance  leads.  In fact, the telemarketer does most of the work; all you have to do is close the deal.

insurance live transfer leads

Types of insurance live transfer leads:

The absolute best thing about insurance live transfer leads is that processes can be created to fit the specific insurance needs of any firm. The process of generating  live transfer insurance leads is totally customizable.  All that needs to be changed is the call list and the script delivered by the telemarketer. Live transfer leads can be generated for auto insurance, health insurance, life insurance, legal insurance, p&c insurance and much more.

Getting Insurance Live Transfer Leads

The most important thing to do is find a reputable lead company. Be sure to ask questions about how they get their call lists and whether or not the  live transfer insurance  leads are exclusive. It also doesn’t hurt to do a little background check. You can usually find out a lot about an insurance live transfer leads company by checking with the ripoff report or the bbb.

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