Call Center Lead Generation

Stop chasing down dead internet leads and graduate to higher quality telemarketed leads! Here at you can connect with hundreds of rated and reviewed lead generation call centers from around the world. We started off just offering free lead management software until we added our lead auction feature where lead buyers can post what type of leads they are looking for and call centers can bid on those orders to win the account.

Let’s compare call center leads to internet leads. Internet leads are usually generated online without any human contact and sometimes from incentive based offers and banner ads like “shoot the turkey and get a good rate”. While internet leads are cheaper, they are also less qualified. Leads generated by a live agent in a call center will help save valuable time for your sales staff. Internet leads are not pre-qualified (unless phone verified) and most of the time they are not exclusive either; Meaning the lead could be sold to other salespersons that will compete against you.

Certain sensitive or high level campaigns should be outsourced to domestic call centers to maintain a higher level of quality. However, the Philippines just outranked India in late 2012, as the #1 call center outsourcing destination in the world. The English accent is more neutral and the costs can even be cheaper than outsourcing to India. That being said, you can expect to save up to 50% on telemarketing costs and that translates in to higher ROIs. When dealing with overseas call centers to generate leads for your company, you may want to become more involved to help the quality assurance. You can do this by providing a clear offering for them to pitch, approving the telemarketing script, listing in on calls or recordings to make sure your campaign gets off to a good start.

Pay Per Hour or Per Lead?

Call centers that already have proven success of generating leads in your niche may be able to offer you a p-y per-lead payment option. This is where you pay upfront for a package of leads and they deliver them daily over the period of the campaign. Campaigns that are new to the call center or that have unknown variables such as hard to obtain criteria filters, may require a pay-per-hour payment structure until the campaign is proven and a price per lead can be set.

Good old fashion telemarketing is still the best way to drum up business for your company. There’s nothing new about call center lead generation as the telephone was invented over 100 years ago and people have been using this great marketing device to pump in new business ever since!

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