Building Trust

“Our mission is to build a safe online marketplace where lead generators and lead buyers can conduct business in confidence.”

Your Profile

Start by customizing your profile. A nice logo and company description will give a good first impression. If you are a seller, make sure to include your contact information so buyers can get a hold of you. Buyers profiles are private until a friend request is accepted.

Earn Ratings and Reviews

Each time you transact with another member, they will have the ability to rate you, then leave comments and recommendations. Become a trusted member and you will have other members begging to do business with you! On the other hand, we take low ratings and bad reviews very seriously. LeadTree members that have a high numbers of disputes and negative feedback will be reprimanded or removed from the community.

Manage Replacements

Our lead management software provides a fair and transparent lead replacement feature. A member has 72hrs or 3 business days to request replacement of a lead. Over 90% of lead replacements are for the following two reasons.
Not Contactable- Either the contact information was wrong or the lead just cannot be contacted.
Not Within Criteria- When you start a campaign with a lead seller, you should stipulate all criteria filters. Examples are age, income, city/state, must own a car, LTV, credit scores, etc.

Secure Payment Options

Option 1: Free When you do business with another member, you can choose to Pay Seller Direct  after an agreement is reached, contact the buyer/seller directly to make payment arrangements between yourselves. The deal is strictly between you and LeadTree will not mediate any disputes. However, you still have the ability to rate and write reviews on the seller’s profile.

Option 2: 10% charge to seller For extra security we recommend our Secure Payment Gateway(Under construction)   Pay 50% now and pay the remaining 50% when half of the leads have been received. The initial 50% payment is non-refundable. However, the buyer or the seller can cancel the campaign at the half way point for any reason if either party does not wish to continue.

Payment Terms

Pay half upfront and the other half at the halfway point. When you pay using the LeadTree secure payment gateway you are paying for half of the campaign upfront and this initial payment is NON-REFUNDABLE. You can cancel the campaign for any reason, after half of the leads have been received. The seller can also cancel the campaign for any reason after half the leads have been delivered. For example, if you ordered 100 leads you will pay for 50 of the leads upfront and then when the 50 leads have been delivered you will be prompted to pay for the remaining 50 from your dashboard.

Disputes & Resolutions

In the case of a dispute between you and the seller, you grant LeadTree authority to resolve the dispute as we see fit. During the resolution process both parties will have the chance to submit their side of the story. Our LeadTree resolution department will review the campaign and the information provided to make a decision. Either party has the ability to appeal the decision and reopen the case at which point a LeadTree agent will call and speak directly to each member to mediate a fair resolution for both parties. NOTE: We rarely approve 100% refunds due to the fact that the sellers must also incur upfront expenses that cannot be redeemed. Some of these upfront expenses can include things like the telemarketing list or hours spent telemarketing.The resolution outcome will be posted on both the user’s profiles but the statements and details will be kept private.

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