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Mortgage Lead

We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our telemarketing services that we offer free mortgage leads to let you try before you buy. It takes a special call center to offer mortgage telemarketing services as there are more sensitive variables such as mortgage data mining, loan officer training and of course the challenges of trying to collect very personal information about a homeowners mortgage on a cold call. This being said, there’s no debate that mortgage telemarketing produces the highest quality leads in the industry. Our mortgage telemarketing agents must pass vigorous 2 week training class that teaches them the fundamentals of mortgage telemarketing mortgage, appointment setting and superior sales skills that produces the best quality telemarketed insurance leads in the industry.

Outsourcing Debt Settlement Leads

Call center mortgage leads are generated through a double verified process of mortgage telemarketing. We use good old fashion telemarketing to pre-screen each potential borrower to make sure they meet our strict telemarketed leads criteria. After the homeowner criteria and interest is established, the call is then transferred ( live transfer mortgage leads ) to a verifier to confirm the information. At this point the call center mortgage lead will be uploaded to our free mortgage lead management software and we then either set an appointment ( mortgage appointment setting ) or transfer the call directly to your office ( live transfer mortgage leads ).

Live transfer mortgage leads are sent in real time straight to any direct phone number. This could be your home office, or even cell phone. At the same time the call is being transferred, the call center mortgage leads agent uploads the borrower’s information in real-time to your secure folder in the free lead management software. Mortgage telemarketing for live transfer mortgage leads gets you on the phone with the customer while they are still hot and ready to hear more about your product.

No strings attached, if you are not satisfied with our no obligation, free mortgage leads you pay nothing; If you like them all we ask is for you to move forward with and order of 50 leads or more. Limited numbers of trials are given each week and the recipients are chosen on a first come first serve basis. The deal maker is our guarantee in writing that each and every call center mortgage lead is exclusive. Because of our unique mortgage telemarketing process that is tailored to each lender’s specific criteria we sell the lead only to that exclusive mortgage broker. After 45 days the information is fed back into our database and recycled. Some companies sell the same lead to 3 to 6 different brokers. The Lead Tree guarantees exclusive leads will not be re-sold within a 45 day period.