Mortgage Live Transfer Leads

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Mortgage live transfer leads are no different than any other product on the market in that you generally get what you pay for. The simple truth is that “all leads are not created equally.” This axiom rings true from the beginning of the live transfer lead process all the way through to contact. More complex products that take more time and energy to create generally cost more than their less effective generic alternatives.  Just think about cars. Granted both a go-cart and an F-1 racer qualify as cars in that they each have the necessary components required to be called a car, and both are capable of getting you from point a to point b; but, the go-cart is atomic in nature in that in consists of only the minimal requirements needed to be called a car. In contrast, the F-1 racer probably has more moving parts in its pneumatic shift leaver than used to build the entire go-cart. As such, the go-cart’s simplicity makes it much cheaper, way slower and far less safe than the F-1 race car.  We should keep this in mind when exploring mortgage live transfer leads options.

Mortgage live transfer leads come in a variety of forms ranging from outbound cold calls to inbound calls coming from customers already interested in your mortgage product. It shouldn’t take a genius to figure out that the latter has a much greater conversion ratio. But how can you be sure that the majority of your inbound calls are interested in your mortgage product and ready to work with you? In fact, the only marketing products available that can make this guarantee are mortgage live transfer leads. When purchased from a reputable lead company, mortgage live transfer leads provide professionals with everything they need to close the deal. The highest quality mortgage live transfer leads will provide you with a prescreened lead that is interested in your product and ready to talk to you about it.

mortgage live transfer leads

There are hundreds if not thousands of mortgage live transfer  leads generating companies out there, each with their own methods and techniques designed to generate mortgage live transfer leads. While many firms may offer live transfer sales leads, they may not all be providing the same service. Mortgage live transfer leads can be generated in a number of ways and produce varying results. We must step back and consider whether quality or quantity is more important when selecting a mortgage live transfer  leads product.  As can be expected, “you get what you pay for.” Live transfer Mortgage leads differ most in the way they are generated.

Types of Mortgage Live Transfer Leads

Mortgage Live Transfer Leads can be developed in three major ways; consumer generated, dialer generated, and call-center generated. Consumer generated and dialer generated leads require the least initial monetary investment, but are also the least effective and generally require more work. While call center calls are the most costly thay are also the most effective

Consumer initiated live call transfers are generated when a customer calls into a call center after viewing advertisements on the web, in print or over the air ways. This call is next transferred directly to your office by the call center. While it is likely that the customer is interested in your product they have not been screened and may not be qualified. This may result in an influx of highly interested clients that are simply not suited for your mortgage product. Let’s face it, no matter how interested they may be, if they can not qualify they are wasting your time and marketing efforts.

Part 2 of this article will cover mortgage live transfer leads derived from auto-dialer systems and call-centers.

The second part of this three piece series will explore the highest quality mortgage live transfer leads option.  This includes call center and auto-dialer generated mortgage live transfer leads (finish reading pt.2 live transfer mortgage leads)