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After 6 long months of programming we are finally launching our newest CRM! Its an easy to use lead management software tied in with an open lead auction where you can Buy, Sell & Manage your leads all in one place. Our user ratings and reviews creates a safe online environment where lead buyers and lead sellers and conduct honest business.

First Let’s Talk About the CRM

Lead management software is also known as CRM which, is short for Customer Relations Management software. Our CRM is designed to help salespersons organize and track their leads through the closing process. You can import/export your leads via Excel format and from there, you can easily edit the information, assign statuses, schedule appointments and more. Our lead management software is very simple and easy to use. It still has all the same bells-and-whistles as or but without all the confusion and the hefty monthly charges.

Ratings and Reviews are Very Important

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, it is very important to maintain a good reputation. Each time you buy or sell leads in our system, both parties get the chance to rate the other user and leave a short review. Becoming a trusted buyer can be just as important as being a trusted seller. When people see that you are a top closer and have good relations when you buy leads, they will jump at the chance to fulfill your orders and when a seller gets known for having the best leads and the best service, buyers will be lining up to give their money! This open and transparent system provides security and promotes honesty, making a valuable resource for the lead generation industry!

The Lead Tree Is The Industry’s Highest Rated Lead Generator.

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Bonus Features

Interactive Calendar- Our interactive calendar allows you to schedule appointments with your customers while attaching that appointment to the lead info. Social Media- Networking is an important part of any salesperson’s regime. This is why we have built-in social media features that allow you to search and connect with other users in the LeadTree network.