Appointment Settings

Sales People are the lifeblood of any business; they are the rainmakers that bring the revenue into the operation and generating sales and fees is something only a select few can achieve at high levels over time. That is why appointment setting services can streamline the any effective salesperson. The Lead Tree, LLC is an appointment setting company with years of experience. It makes business sense to have your sales teams working where they will achieve the greatest results – in front of clients or prospects that are looking to part with their money for your services. Tying fee earners up with non-productive tasks simply makes no sense and is an expensive waste from the most important resource your business has. Having your sales people closing business and focusing them on performing this function as much as possible will make them more productive and far more profitable for the business and them.

Telemarketing appointment setting service takes the non-productive aspect of any sales cycle off the front end department and provide a steady flow of qualified appointments and clients for them to concentrate upon. It makes no difference to the fee earner or the business if a sales appointment requires a hundred telephone calls or ten; the time consuming process of appointment setting service is undertaken cost effectively by our telemarketers leaving your sales professionals to maximize sales and revenues.

Appointment Setters

Imagine this scenario; a fee earner has to act as the appointment setter which requires two days of calling, then they meet with their clients for a couple of days and have a final day closing business and tying up administration. Now think about this scenario; a fee earner starts the working week with several sales appointments, and continues every day of their working week meeting with clients without having to spend a couple of days.

It’s simple sales numbers; do you want your sales people in front of clients five days a week or three?

Appointment Setting Companies

Outsourcing appointment setting to telemarketing appointment setters also allows you to control the cost of doing business far better than making in-house sales appointments calls. If your sales is busy and have enough work to close, you can simply reduce the amount of appointment setting that is being carried out. In times of shortage, you can always increase the level of telemarketing sales calls to respond to the shortfall. Outsourcing appointment setters makes excellent business sense and gives sales management full control over this vital part of your sales cycle. The Lead Tree, LLC is a leading appointment setting company.

B2B Appointment Setting

There are three golden rules in selling: meet with the people, meet with the people and lastly, meet with the people! If your b2b telesales team is not constantly meeting with prospects they are not performing effectively that’s why lead generation is the lifeblood of any sales operation. Sales appointment setting is time consuming and a lot of calls need to be made to find the revenue opportunities for your salespersons to close. The entire process of calling and qualifying can take the bulk of a fee earner’s time which can otherwise be spent profitably closing business deals. It makes commercial sense to keep your B2B sales supplied with a stream of well qualified appointments so that you maximize the time spent pitching revenue making opportunities to prospects and clients. In terms of cost, telemarketing is very effective as one deal missed by a fee earner because they were busy setting their own appointments can pay for a week of B2B telemarketing appointment setting.

Set Appointments

Consider this situation, a sales member is stetting their own appointments. Usually Monday and Tuesday to be spent hammering the telephones making sales calls to fill their diary for the remainder of a working week. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are spent pitching and closing sales with these prospects. In fact, what they are doing if sacrificing 40% of their selling time which a sales individual can get back if the appointment setting is done for them – give your sales team that 40% of their time back and you can expect a similar increase in revenues from our appointment setting services!