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B2B Leads

ROI is the key ratio any business is looking at for bottom line performance. Generating revenue is the lifeblood of any business and the key to effective sales performance is to provide quality B2b leads and to close them. B2B leads present the most challenging lead generation activity within the sales sector. Decision makers are shrouded by corporate anonymity and have barriers to contact in the form of receptionists, secretaries and assistants who do not have the decision making power or the understanding of the opportunity that is being offered. It takes a great deal of skill and a very high quality database of prospects to be able to generate good B2B leads. The Lead Tree delivers consistently high quality B2B leads by investing heavily in infrastructure, prospect database creation and operator training and recruitment. We also implement very high quality control standards so that only those prospects that have the means and the need for your products and services are targeted in any campaign.

One of the main advantages of B2B telemarketing are that the results are immediate. Sales opportunities are generated as soon as the campaign commences and this in turn allows for revenues to be created that can cover the marketing cost of the campaign. Properly conceived, you can dramatically increase your revenues without incurring high front-end investment in marketing that has a variable outcome. B2B telemarketing is an excellent method of creating genuine sales opportunities with little risk to any investment that is made. B2B telemarketing also acts as great way to gather information on your target prospects. Calling businesses to locate decision makers and talk to them frequently means repeat calls, and every call yields some information whether it is a name, an email, a telephone number, while we operate a state of the art CRM that captures all of the useful data. When a B2B lead is generated, all of this information is available for your sales team to help them achieve commonality with the business prospect and close the deal.

What can b2b telemarketing do for you?

  • Save Time
  • Increase Revenues
  • Streamline Sales Process
  • Market Creation

Your sales team is an expensive resource that must succeed if your business is to succeed. Business success is determined by the quality of sales leads and business opportunities that are provided to them and their ability to take advantage of them.

Effective B2B Lead Generation

How many times have you been given a “hot” lead that needs to be called now and only found a disgruntled answer to your telephone call? Every sales professional has experienced this scenario. Generating high quality B2B sales opportunities requires a great deal of investment of time and money to create the sales leads that deliver revenue to the bottom line. Then again, delivering sales targets is only part of the equation and for business management, ROI is king! This is why we offer telemarketed b2b2 leads generation.

Revenues must be produced cost effectively if the bottom line is to be maximized and that means sales leads need to be of the best quality. B2B lead quality can be measured by how much the sales opportunity is worth, whether you are going to be dealing with the decision maker who has the authority and the need to purchase your product/service and whether they are in a position to make the order now. If a telemarketed B2B lead does not satisfy these criteria they are not a “hot” lead; they are simply a callback waiting to happen.

The first stage in generating high quality b2b leads is to ensure that the database of leads is of good quality. This requires a heavy investment in acquiring and maintaining the current information of suitable company prospects who meet the criteria for further marketing effort and cost. A prospect database needs to be capable of being manipulated to produce target companies that are users of your service and identifies the decision makers within the organization. Finally, and this is where the telemarketer must deliver, the decision maker with the means and need for your product or service must be contacted and agree to a sales call.

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