Direct Mail Marketing List

Direct Mail Marketing List

Quality direct mailing lists are the key to a successful mail marketing campaign. Even the most well designed mailers with stellar offers and deals are of little use if they are being sent to the wrong mailboxes. A quality direct mailing list should only contain names and addresses of consumers and businesses that are interested in your product and in a position to purchase it. I mean you wouldn’t send flyers out to the local convent reminding the nuns of the “Happy Hour Bikini Foam Party” at Dirty Richard’s Tavern; so why send Refinance opportunities to renters or Reverse Mortgage options to college kids. Not utilizing a well refined mail list is just like throwing paper down the drain.

Who Needs Direct Mailing Lists?

Any sales based business can reap the rewards of a well planned direct mailing campaign. Whether your clients are other businesses or consumers, direct mailing lists can be generated to meet your company’s specific needs. Direct mailing lists are so effective because they are extremely adaptable and can be refined to meet even the strictest of criteria. Just provide the following details needed: Name, Age, Birthday, Email and Mobile Number

As with B2C call lists, B2B lists can be refined to meet certain criteria. The stricter the criteria and the more stipulations required in a list directly relate to greater cost. More refined lists take longer to make but they will provide a sample of names that are more likely to result in a sale. It’s a lot like fishing; you can put a bunch of lines in the water with mediocre generic bait or you can focus your attention to one line with the perfect jig and probably get around the same amount of fish. The question here is how much work you want to put into it and what resources are available at the time..

Getting Direct Mailing Lists:

Direct mailing lists can be purchased from a number of companies on the internet. Some firms focus on B2B lists while others solely provide consumer data while others focus on specific industries like insurance lists or mortgage lists. The best advice regarding direct mailing list companies is to do your due diligence. Make sure they have been in business for a few years, check out Rip-off-Report, and hit up a few industry specific blogs. Don’t waste your money on a low quality list. Make sure the list is new and has not been resold to all of your competitors before purchasing direct mailing lists.

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