Health Insurance Leads

Health Insurance Leads

Most health insurance leads are generated online and then resold many times. Instead of using internet leads we use good old fashion cold calling to generate health insurance leads. We have found that this is the only way to guarantee that each and every lead will be exclusive and interested in talking to you.

The process is simple we call prospective customers in your targeted area and pitch them the opportunity to receive a consultation on health insurance policies. If they are interested then we ask them a series of qualifying questions to make sure they meet your standards and to weed out any possible dead deals. At this point we can do one of 2 things; We can set and appointment for you to call them back the next day, we can transfer the live call directly to your office or cell phone.

Exclusive Health Insurance Leads

Most health leads are generated online when a customer fills out a quote request and therein lies the problem. That some customer could have gone to several websites shopping around and then on top of that the lead is usually resold to several insurance agents. By the time you get the lead they have already been contacted by several other people. This is why exclusivity is the key and there is only one way to generate an exclusive health insurance lead; Telemarketing!

All we ask is just one chance to impress you! We are so confident that you will find our telemarketed health insurance leads to be of a superior quality than our competitors that we offer the best replacement policy in the industry.

Guaranteed Health Insurance Leads

Criteria – Each health lead will meet specified filters
Exclusivity – We will not resell the lead for 45 days
Contact – Every lead will be interested in a quote

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