Telemarketing List

Telemarketing List

Marketing principles dictate that you must first identify your target prospects before you start offering your products and services. Sending information to people who have no need or means to do business with you is a one way ticket to failure; you must ensure that your prospects are identified and construct a telemarketing list that meets your requirements. Here at The Lead Tree we offer clients a range of services to construct a high quality telemarketing list based on their criteria. We have a database of over 20 million homeowners together with access to a range of internal and external prospect sources for B2C and B2B marketing. If you have your own telemarketing list we can perform what is known as List Appending where your information is cross checked and updated so that it remains current.

Many telemarketing lists have become worn and heavily used which does not provide a good basis for generating good business leads. Telemarketing lists must be continuously updated and filtered to ensure that they carry the information and prospects that not only need your product and services, but have the ability to do business with you and wish to do so. The Lead Tree can help you assess the standards for inclusion of a contact in your telemarketing list. We can manipulate data in various complex ways so you do not end up with a list based on only one or two variables. For instance, you may only be interested in prospects who are homeowners, with a property value in excess of $200,000, an interest rate payable in excess of 6.75% and an LTV below 70%. We can apply filters to telemarketing databases to produce only those prospects that match your customized criteria and this is important as every business targets customers in a different way.

The Key to a Successful Telemarketing Campaign Begins with your Data

If you expect to mount a successful telemarketing campaign, you must first identify your target prospects and ensure that you use a high quality telemarketing list to work from. Failure in either will adversely affect your results and waste your marketing investment. There are two broad requirements for an effective telemarketing list. Firstly, the list needs to be composed of those target prospects that meet your criteria. At The Lead Tree we are able to manipulate contact information from our own internal 20 million homeowner database as well as your data and information from public and commercial sources. This can be quite complicated as you may only want prospects meeting a number of very strict criteria. An example would be where you are only interested in a specific zip code or territory with a home that is worth more than $400,000 and a mortgage on it in excess of $250,000 but not more than $350,000. Identifying and applying the filters and criteria you wish to impose will dramatically improve the quality of the data you are using. The second key component of a high quality telemarketing list is that it is current and includes the most up to date information. People do move and they do change their telephone and contact information. The database needs to be cross checked and maintained continuously in order to be of real use in marketing. The data should also be filtered against a DNC list (Do Not Call) to ensure that you do not fall foul of consumer rules and privacy legislation.

The Lead Tree can build a telemarketing list from scratch based on your specific criteria, or we can help you maintain and improve your existing database. Whatever you need, you will find that we offer an excellent service in ensuring you work with only the very best information that is available.

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