Back To Back Telemarketing

B2B telemarketing is the most challenging of all telemarketing activities. It requires skilled b2b telemarketers who are able to pierce the corporate barriers to establishing contact with the person within a company that has the authority and decision making capacity to purchase your products or services and this requires a great deal of skill, training and support.

B2b Telemarketing

Establishing an in-house B2B telemarketing leads operation can be expensive in both time and cost, as infrastructure and staff need to be established and once operational, the operating expense is high due to the highly skilled nature of the staff employed. The costs are prohibitive, especially if the telemarketing function is not going to be utilized all of the time to recoup the costs involved. B2B Call Center

Telemarketing B2b leads from a b2b call center. Outsourcing Business to business lead generation to an experienced provider makes a great deal of commercial and business sense. As a consulting call center, infrastructure and staff are already in place and simply require product training, and in many cases they will already be familiar with your products and services being offered. With their higher levels of experience and skill, they will also be able to deliver far better results than an ad hoc, in-house b2b appointment setters who may not have had the infrastructure, training and experience that outsourced operators have.

B2B lead generating is also as much about gathering information on a prospective business customer as it is about selling. B2B telemarketing frequently involves the arrangement of appointments with decision makers in the target prospect rather than directly selling into them, and there is a great opportunity to gather information that otherwise may be missed for use by your sales team members who will be meeting the prospect.

Outsourcing B2B telemarketing gives you complete management control over activity, where efforts are directed and most of all in being able to measure results and control costs. In addition, there is no need to budget for heavy capital expenditures to use the service and telemarketing can be stopped and started as required.

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