Why Should You Hire An SEO Expert Through A BPO?

What exactly is an SEO expert or SEO specialist? SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is what determines what gets ranked higher on search engines. Companies and brands use this to their advantage in order to beat their competition or gain presence. The SEO expert is the person in charge of optimizing websites in order to rank higher on search engines.

Take the artist Pitbull for example, if you search the word pitbull on Google, the musician appears before the dog. His brand is dominating the word to the point where a dog breed that’s been around forever isn’t even in the top 4 results for the word. Likewise, Apple, the tech giant, is dominating the keyword “Apple” so that it appears before the fruit.

So why hire an SEO expert through a business process outsourcing (BPO) company? It all comes down to cost versus value and oversight.

Cost Versus Value

One of the biggest issues with starting a marketing department or any action toward getting more organic leads is the cost. Whether you want a whole dedicated department or an SEO specialist or expert to start, hiring through a business process outsourcing company alleviates the financial burden brought about by hiring more staff.

The average monthly salary of an SEO Specialist in the Philippines is P43,000, which is about $781.81 a month at an exchange rate of 1 USD to 55 PHP. In the US, the average monthly salary of an SEO Specialist is $3,900. The stark difference between the two locations may alarm some and put into question the level of work offered abroad.

As a way of quelling the fears of low-quality work, whole marketing departments are hired in places like the Philippines and they cater to key business locations around the world, namely the US, UK, and Australia. Smaller businesses actually hire Virtual Assistants who are multifaceted and handle items such as SEO and social media. 

An SEO Specialist is responsible for the research and monitoring of keywords and strategies to improve the overall SEO rankings of the company’s web content. Ultimately they’re responsible for the organic traffic to their website.

The majority of SEO Specialists working in the country are in the BPO industry and have prior experience working for clients in different countries. In some cases, you can even find someone with experience in your specific industry, which is a bonus and not a requirement as the techniques used in one industry will transfer over to another.

Staff Oversight

One of the biggest worries of outsourcing your SEO needs to a professional in a different country is the physical disconnect and the lack of direct oversight of the staff. This is where BPOs come into play. BPOs will always offer some sort of oversight for your staff.

At some BPOs like Clark Staff, your hired SEO Specialist will be assigned under an account manager to oversee them. These account managers will help oversee any administrative needs your staff may have. You will still have to handle and monitor their day-to-day tasks once in a while like normal in-office staff.

In addition to the oversight of your staff, these accounts managers will also give you updates on your staff so you’re always up to date with any critical information. They will also act as your point of contact in regard to any concerns or issues you may have about your staff or the service. They will also be the person to talk to in the event that you want to take on more staff.

The Wrap Up

Hiring an SEO Expert through a BPO brings about the benefits of a low cost, high quality solution coupled with the peace of mind that oversight brings. An SEO Expert will help your website gain visibility allowing for more potential organic traffic to flow into your pages. Don’t forget to reach out and contact a BPO today to learn more.