Telemarketing Scripts

Telemarketing Scripts

The Lead Tree, LLC is proud to offer free telemarketing scripts for all those “do it yourself” cold callers. There are tricks to the trade but when it comes to knowing the right things to say we’ve got it down! These scripts have been put through rigorous testing and have already been used generate exclusive telemarketed leads, live transfers as well as professional appointment setting. If you don’t see the telemarketing script you were looking for, just ask us and we will have our pros write one for you and post it one the site absolutely free.

How To Create Telemarketing Scripts

Cold calling is no fun but I guess that’s why they call it work! At least with the help of our free telemarketing scripts you can be assured that you are heading in the right direction because these are the very same scripts that we use to generate thousands of leads each month. The process of building a good telemarketing script is an organic one because of the way a good cold call script is developed.

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    Free Telemarketing Scripts

    STEP 1. First, we start with a rough draft. This is where we simply lay out the objective of the call without worrying about a fancy pitch. Then we list the qualifying questions. This is where we outline the fields of information that are collected during the call. Here you can adjust the criteria easily, by just adding or taking away questions that will filter weather an individual qualifies or not. Next we design the closing spiel, which should be smooth and seamless. A good closer should not require the customer to have to rethink their decision but more importantly it should firm up the sale or appointment.

    Telemarketing Scripts

    Once you have gotten this far its time to put the script to the test by making phone calls to try it out. In this part of the process you can tweak the script and fully customize it based on the person who is making the calls and base on the reactions you get from using it and this is why we say that it is an organic process. Before it’s all done and over with, you will have edited the script a few times to arrive at the one that best suites your needs. For more information or help with creating telemarketing scripts please contact us today.

    Bonus Features

    Interactive Calendar – Our interactive calendar allows you to schedule appointments with your customers while attaching that appointment to the lead info. Social Media- Networking is an important part of any salesperson’s regime. This is why we have built-in social media features that allow you to search and connect with other users in the LeadTree network.


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