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Insurance Lead

How many times have you received a “hot” lead and immediately put the call into the prospect only to find an irate person on the end of the telephone telling you that they never asked for a call? Insurance professionals have all experienced that call. Generating insurance leads that are really worthwhile can be done cheaply and effectively but you must have a telemarketer that is operating under strict standards and very high professional standards. Our insurance lead generation programs start with our data. We invest a great deal of time and money in ensuring that we have a database of high quality prospects who are targeted and qualified before you ever get to hear of them. More than that, we ask if the prospect wishes to talk to an insurance professional before we pass the lead over so you know when you receive the lead that they do want to talk to you.

Using telemarketing to generate insurance leads is a very cost effective way of producing instant cash flow as sales and leads are immediately generated. As part of our rigorous quality assurance program, every lead is checked against pre-set criteria to ensure that it satisfies the standards in terms of affordability, insured value, need and timeframe for buying the insurance product. These criteria are only a small part of the qualification process but you will understand how important they are to arming you with closing the sale. Unlike other lead generation programs we also provide exclusivity for the lead for 45 days. Many telemarketers sell the leads they generate to several brokers which only creates competition and lost sales for your team. With The Lead Tree you can be assured that you are the only broker who is receiving the lead and can close the deal before your competitors.

Insurance is a highly competitive sector of the economy and you need to be able to ensure a steady stream of qualified, high quality and high value leads to ensure your sales team can meet their targets and your company profitability. The Lead Tree provides a cost effective way of immediately producing sales opportunities that are targeted against a database we have created and maintained of over 20 million homeowners in the US. By strictly purging and adding to our database, we have produced a pool of prospects who have the need and the means to buy your insurance products. Our telemarketing team is highly skilled and trained by industry professionals, so they are very competent at identifying insurance needs and opportunities with a prospect. In addition, we operate a very strict quality assurance program that checks each and every lead before it is passed on to you. If the lead does not meet our exacting standards we simply do not use it.

Once a lead has been passed to you, we will continue to monitor the lead to ensure that you receive the highest level of support in closing the deal and creating a customer from a prospect. The typical sales cycle is split into two general parts – creating awareness and need before presenting a proposal and closing. With telemarketing, your sales team is able to concentrate on what they should be doing all of the time – presenting a proposal and closing the deal. By focusing on proposal and closing activities with high quality prospects, you will see an increase in sales and profitability while at the same time you are able to control telemarketing activities in terms of costs. The Lead Tree provides a very efficient, effective means of creating high quality insurance leads which management and your sales team can use quickly, cheaply and simply.

The Lead Tree Is The Industry’s Highest Rated Lead Generator.

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